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New Silver Falls State Park Blog!

Check out the new Silver Falls State Park blog and discover what’s happening at The Falls!


The Silver Falls State Park blog will soon be replacing the Friends of Silver Falls blog you see here, so be sure to follow the new Silver Falls blog for everything going on at The Falls.

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Explore: Adopt-a-Rock Activity for Kids!

Many of us collected rocks as kids.  And some of us still do.  I know I hauled thirty pounds of them across the United States when I moved to Oregon six years ago.  Some of my favorite rocks are on display throughout my house.  Each one brings me back to a special place and time.

This activity is designed to facilitate that passion for rocks in children while incorporating a basic geology lesson.  It could work well as part of an earth studies unit or an art or writing lesson.  A wonderful book to use as an introduction is Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor.  Just remember that all rocks found at Silver Falls must stay at Silver Falls for others to enjoy!

Adopt-A-Rock Geology Activity

Geology Brochure

Explore: Silver Falls Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

Discover the natural wonders of the South Falls Day Use Area with this self-guided search for plants, critters, trivia, and more.   Great for school field trips, scouts, birthday parties, and friendly family competitions!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Instructions

Explore: Leaf Rubbing Activity for Kids!

Plants of all shapes and sizes keep the temperate rainforest of Silver Falls green.  Identify some of the most common ones in this self-guided leaf rubbing activity!

Leaf Rubbing Activity

Leaf Rubbings Instructions

Although the activity books contain sketches, photos can be helpful for adults working with children.  A plant key for this activity is provided below.

Key for Leaf Rubbing Books

Explore: Animal Tracking Activity for Kids!

From the track of a cat, to the scat of a bear, wildlife signs are everywhere!  Want to see for yourself?  Download this self-guided tracking activity.

Tracking Scavenger Hunt

Tracking Hunt Instructions

Explore: Bird Search Activity for Kids!

Looking for something educational to do with children at Silver Falls State Park?  Download this self-guided “Bird Search”!

Bird Search Activity

Bird Search Instructions

Birds of Silver Falls State Park