Reasons to Celebrate

There are two great reasons to celebrate spring at Silver Falls this weekend.

Hikers can celebrate the reopening of the majority of the Trail of Ten Falls.  Just this afternoon, the work on the Canyon Trail loop from South Falls to Winter Falls was completed.  The January 17th snowstorm and the rains and winds that followed it had taken down more than two dozen trees—leaving behind gaping holes in the trail along steep canyon walls.  Trails are repaired, and visitors can now enjoy all but two of Silver Falls’ ten spectacular waterfalls.  (The section of trail that includes Twin Falls and North Falls remains closed due to storm damage.  North Falls, however, can be viewed from a vista point along Highway 214.)

Plant-lovers can celebrate the blooming of the Park’s first wildflower.  The aptly named “Snow Queen” was spotted earlier this week blossoming even as fluffy white flakes fell.  The race to spring is on.  The Pacific Wren has announced it, and what sounds like an Osprey in the South Falls Day Use Area is cheering the Red-flowering Currant on.

Who will be the next wildflower to bloom?  Head up to the park and let us know!


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