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Explore: Adopt-a-Rock Activity for Kids!

Many of us collected rocks as kids.  And some of us still do.  I know I hauled thirty pounds of them across the United States when I moved to Oregon six years ago.  Some of my favorite rocks are on display throughout my house.  Each one brings me back to a special place and time.

This activity is designed to facilitate that passion for rocks in children while incorporating a basic geology lesson.  It could work well as part of an earth studies unit or an art or writing lesson.  A wonderful book to use as an introduction is Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor.  Just remember that all rocks found at Silver Falls must stay at Silver Falls for others to enjoy!

Adopt-A-Rock Geology Activity

Geology Brochure


Run ‘Em All at Silver Falls!

Love running?  Love waterfalls?  Me, too.  Silver Falls is a great place for training runs.  And now you really have something to train for.

On Saturday, November 3, 2012, Silver Falls State Park will host its FIRST trail marathon.  Coordinated by Run Wild Adventures, this race opens for registration on August 1, 2012.  If it is anything like the 1/2 marathon (that takes place on the same day) registration will fill quickly.  Keep on eye on this website for updates:

Explained Again: Silver Falls Geology for the Rock Lover

I’ve already posted a short and sweet brochure on the geology of Silver Falls.  But, if you’re a rock-hound like me, it might not have been quite enough for you.  Here’s a more in-depth look at and explanation of the Willamette Valley’s waterfall wonderland.

Silver Falls Geology_Oregon Ore Bin

Reasons to Celebrate

There are two great reasons to celebrate spring at Silver Falls this weekend.

Hikers can celebrate the reopening of the majority of the Trail of Ten Falls.  Just this afternoon, the work on the Canyon Trail loop from South Falls to Winter Falls was completed.  The January 17th snowstorm and the rains and winds that followed it had taken down more than two dozen trees—leaving behind gaping holes in the trail along steep canyon walls.  Trails are repaired, and visitors can now enjoy all but two of Silver Falls’ ten spectacular waterfalls.  (The section of trail that includes Twin Falls and North Falls remains closed due to storm damage.  North Falls, however, can be viewed from a vista point along Highway 214.)

Plant-lovers can celebrate the blooming of the Park’s first wildflower.  The aptly named “Snow Queen” was spotted earlier this week blossoming even as fluffy white flakes fell.  The race to spring is on.  The Pacific Wren has announced it, and what sounds like an Osprey in the South Falls Day Use Area is cheering the Red-flowering Currant on.

Who will be the next wildflower to bloom?  Head up to the park and let us know!