Rain, Rain, Come and Play!

It’s been a crisp, dry December here in the foothills of the Cascades.  For the last few weeks, the creeks and waterfalls have looked more like they do during the summer–light and playful.  And while many of us have enjoyed the Oregon sunshine, it just hasn’t felt like winter at the Falls.  Until now.

Today, this 30th of December, the creek is higher than it has been all year and, in fact, appears to be higher than it has been in the last couple of years.  And full creeks mean raging waterfalls.  Photographs simply do not do today’s waterfalls justice.  To fully understand these falls, you must stand near them, feel the crackling thunder of the water pounding on the rocks and pools below, and get soaked from the bottom up as the swirling mist showers you from all sides. 

If you do not yet have plans for your New Years Eve Day or your New Years Day, I’d like to suggest a trek to come and play at rainy Silver Falls.

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